How Does the Best Air Fryer Actually Work?

For healthy fried foods, consider buying an air fryer.Fried food is just great. But as good as it is, it also has too much oil and fat that wont be too good for your health. The air fryer is a relatively new invention is supposed to make fried food that tastes just as great but with a lot less fat. When Philips brought their model out they promised around 80% less fat when compared to normal fried food. Thats just great and very impressive indeed but how does this happen? Surely if there is such a small amount of fat and the taste isnt compromised, there must be a catch? Well this product works completely differently to a standard one. A deep fryer needs oil in order to be able to efficiently fry foods and this is what gives them a delicious taste and crispy texture. However, the air deep fryer works in a completely different manner. In simple terms, it uses hot air instead of oil to heat up and cook food.

Its completely natural for you to be skeptical because how can you fry food without oil? Its a very difficult concept to believe in but there must be something to it. The truth is that while the device is thought to fry foods with air, it doesnt actually fry it. Its actually a small fan oven and the fan is the one that creates that hot air that cooks the food. On top of this, this aspect is combined with a grill plate and both of these efficiently cook the food and produce an end-result that resembles that The Philips Air Fryer is one of our favorite products in the kitchen.of a traditional fryer. The best results can often be seen with food items that already have some oil applied to them. Youll notice that if you make frozen French fries then these turn out great in terms of the taste and the crispy texture. This is because they already have some oil applied to them before packaging. Having used it at home, I think that this device is great and there are lots of different models to choose from now. I would probably say that the Philips model is of the highest quality but you still need to do plenty of research in order to find the best air fryer on the market.

If you check on the official Philips website then this is exactly what they will tell you albeit in more complicated language. Essentially, their air fryers use rapid air technology, which is exactly what Ive described above. The process usually dries out the food a lot faster than the process of deep-frying. But this doesnt dry out the food on the inside. The hot air will heat the food from all around and at once and this is what gives it that crispy appearance and taste.

Along with the unique method of operation, an air fryer is also associated with a number of advantages. Firstly, it doesnt use oil to make the food. This means that it will be excellent for a person who wants to stay on their healthy balanced diet but cannot stay away from their favorite These great-tasting chicken wings were made in an airfryer.dishes like French fries. Furthermore, if youre using frozen foods, the machine also air deep fryer also ensures that any extra oil released is drained away. This basically means that even unhealthy foods will be a bit healthier for you. Along with this advantage, the machine also cooks a lot quicker than most other appliances.

While its not exactly a fryer, this still makes perfect fried foods. On top of that it can do a lot more than just make fried foods. It even has the ability to grill food and for me, the results have always surpassed the expectations. Hopefully this Philips air fryer review should have given you a better idea of what works and what doesn’t.

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